Pilot Baba Trail Run: KTRS #5 -Samdup Gurung

Pilot Baba Trail Run: KTRS #5

-Samdup Gurung

The soothing sound of the hushing wind on a fast-paced motorbike flicked the excitement of the days that were gone to running and the days to come where legs could be much stronger, much healthier, and much more professional.

And the shower of rain in the morning with the road completely open gave me an impression that the day will go well. It was like an open invitation to the tireless legs of ours to stand atop the soil firmly without much disturbances from the normal honks, dust and the scorching sun.
The road led me to Springdale school in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur where soon a challenge would be given and memories would be made. At just 05:30 hours the school looked calm and cool with the dirt-less environment. Though there was only the sign of the school volunteers I felt great to be there. The posters were already in place and I dreamed of myself going all the way at a very good time.

The event was to be started at 07:30 hours so the spotting of turnouts was going up at interval times with smiles of recognition amongst each other. And in the midst of all that we could clearly hear the star welcoming the sturdy, beautiful leg owners to give their best with laughter every now and then. It was a moment to be cherished at watching those people’s energy being flown amongst their talks and hugs.

That moment reminded me of how great it is to feel lovely and secured while being with the ones that you are comfortable with. A conversation within and you are done. A tons to share of what you did and what you would love to do. The best part of it was to see how ready they were and what they look forward to see with the expectation of what they have.

The event soon came to life as a cup of coffee without sugar bulged in my belly as the head belled aloud to say that the countdown of 10 be started. But before that the Chief Guest was thanked for coming to support trail running in Nepal. It was the former industrial minister Mr. Mahesh Basnet. And then there was the loud frank voice of the star to wish good luck to all. The star was none other than Mira Rai, a champion among hearts and an inspiration for girls and boys in the sport of trail running all over the world. She was jumping up with a huge smile as she spoke. Beside her, on top of a chair stood the head, Preeti Khattri didi, started instructing how to not get lost and mistake the markings.

The final count being down of the trail race of 15km organized by Trail Running Nepal under the program of Kathmandu Trail Running Series (KTRS) with the event being the 5th follow up of latest, the sturdy leg owners (runners) paced their way up to the trails that waited us to give surprise among the interior of the natural beauty; Forest.

100 meters before reaching the hill, I saw myself running among the best in town as I counted myself to be in top 4. But when the real trail of uphill came I saw myself being left behind by the non-stop runners. The branches and the grasses became my friend while I carefully placed my shoe to the right spot so that there would be no slipping. The good news was I managed to overrule that idea and thought about the remaining 80% of trails which were still left to traverse.
I was beginning to grow much stronger then.

Meanwhile, the dews from the leaves cooled me and my focus was directed to my legs to see if any leeches were hanging on. This led me to see myself on the first checkpoint. It was just 3km then.

The rest trails showed us a glimpse of the Kathmandu valley with the showcase of unplanned urbanization. The view looked much spectacular with the sun just coming up and Pilot Baba temple just a hill away.

The cutest part of the trail was to see smiling faces of children running along and showing their innocent behavior of be-wilderness. It was so good to see those smiles and laughter. Then came the special route where we were running in the midst of village life with classic houses standing by with old folks looking out of their windows. This part reminded me of how something new can be interesting if it looked very different. And I think that was their first time seeing a lot of people running through them.

Trails were not the best before but now came the professional route. It was a steep downhill where if you put a wrong step then you will be sleeping on the mud. I guess only the do-dare runners ran along that. And I was one of them. I was flying through it. It was my pie. My profession to run down like no one can. At least that was what I thought.

Flying down showed us the way to the fields of wheat. It was a good trail to see that you were not lacking anything related to energy issues as the trail was finishing faster.
With lots of sweat gone and troubles taken to put the best time for the day, a final glimpse of the end point gave the relaxation that we wanted.

On arrival we were gifted a clay made local souvenir to let us know how beautiful we were that day.

Then came the fruit. It was the famous local delicacy-Juju dau (curd made in Bhaktapur).
The curd settled well inside us but our brain was racing rapidly to share the stories of what we had along the way. It was a very tiring job to listen to others as we needed to share our stories. That was what our life looked like. A life of having different perception though the deal was same.

The runners were now thinking ahead of time. They were much hungrier every time they had finished their past. Another week to implore more inside of what story you can get. The next challenge was a 50km in Sindhupalchowk on 29th of July and KTRS #6 on August 5.
In overall the day was a good memory with the trails of Bhaktapur. There was a lot to see, to be felt, and to be remembered. It was a trail of quests and goals.